eRaj for the customers in this turbulent time of e-commerce of Bangladesh with an excellent customer experience thus provides the most efficient delivery service through own logistics so that customers get a hassle-free product delivery at their doorstep. Minister group work for the country and the people for this part of shaw, eRaj is an online shopping platform in Bangladesh offering premium quality and the best online experience to purchase Original Electrical & Electronic Appliances and devices.

eRaj is a sister concern of Minister which was established by the Honorable Chairman Mr. M A Razzak Khan Raj in 2002. Founder, MyOne Electronics Industries Limited, has established on 1st June 2002. Later on, he has established Minister Hi-Tech Park Limited & also established "Minister Human Care" in 2020 during the Covid situation. He’s a dreamer and a doer. He loves the beau ideal of getting to experience clients and thinking about how to solve their challenges. He gets excited about the prospect of crafting solutions for them!

Minister is one of the highest-rated and most trusted consumer electronics company in Bangladesh extending premium class products associated with a seamless shopping experience to buying Original Electronic Appliances. Minister Hi-Tech Park Limited is the ultimate technology-orientated industry in Bangladesh and the company ascertained the value of the local brand and has established it in the heart of the common people of the country. From day one, the topmost rank of quality, after-sales service and client satisfaction, speedy channel distribution, strong dealer network, ultramodern display- place operation, and supreme employee satisfaction, similarly maximize our credibility to the country’s people.

We are committed to exceptional customer service and our track record since 2002 is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Buying appliances like Television, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner and others household products is a hassle, and searching for the one you ask to protect to store is correspondingly time-consuming. That’s why to make your busy life easy and to help you to choose the appliance you want, eRaj gathered a huge range of the big and small appliances of Bangladesh- renowned brands online eraj.com

The significant services of eRaj are the assurance of the combination of quality products, the fast delivery, the opportunity to deliver the products produced.



Location: House#79, Block-H, Chairman bari, Banani, Dhaka

License No: 302, TIN: 193296310203 BIN: 0002887440104




Message from the Chairman

“I’m not much enrich in current electronic stuff, what I think of the word will dominant the universe.”

In this economic changing arena, people are becoming busier and they do not hold time so they need other accouterments or appliances which produce their life comfortable and easy. eRaj will bring consequently by bringing in universal exposure and fame leaving the mark of our red-green flag on the world. The world is changing rapidly. To manage up with the rapidly changing trend we’re to acclimate ourselves at per with the changing speed. Keeping this view in mind, we’ve demonstrated the industry to take part in the industrialization process for economic growth and creating employment openings for the country by producing better quality electronic & electric goods without compromising the quality to condense this fundamental need of the mass people.




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